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Secrets of Muscular Anti Aging revealed by a White Rock Physio from Total Outcomes Physio Surrey

By admin | white rock physio

Nov 07

I am a White Rock physio from Total Outcomes physio Surrey and I used to be a better athlete than I am today … But …

Let me make one thing clear, I want to perform well until I’m 100.

Who wouldn’t right? Frequently when we think of anti-aging, we think of avoidance of disease, health food store supplements, and gruesome plastic surgery “procedures.” Well … that’s not how we see it at Total Outcomes Physiotherapy in Surrey.

We believe that optimal function rules the day, in other words, she who moves best… wins. When our clinicians look at someone who’s body has weathered more than a few seasons, we see pure potential.  You see, with what we know about reversing aging of the body parts, we see the opportunity for the veteran athlete or retired athlete to perform better than they have in years.

Why?  Because we know that they have one thing working for them, and also working against them that the twenty year old doesn’t… its called cumulative trauma.

Cumulo-nimbo-what, you ask? Yeah, you heard me right, cumulative trauma. These are the injuries (traumas) that build up (cumulate) over the years, which eventually heal (sort of) and cause alterations to your perfect joint and muscular mechanics.

Those minor injuries are the problem, and Cumulative trauma happens to EVERYBODY! Cumulative trauma can be caused from training, participation, injury, even from sedentary (sitting around) living. No person can avoid it, but we can correct it.

That’s the great news.

Let me explain this a bit better. Remember that time in ninth grade that you got charley horsed and walked with a limp for a week? Yeah, you remember now, don’t you? Well so does your body, because the negative adaptations of your body’s mechanics that were caused at that time, never fully left you.

Sure, the negative changes must have been small, but multiply those tissue adaptations over years of traumas just like it and we have a good explanation as to why you just got owned by a twenty one year old kid, when you have way more talent, knowledge, training, mental toughness, tactics, and (at one time in the distant past) raw athleticism than that young punk could ever dream of.

I know what you’re thinking now. That you definitely have cumulative trauma, and you’ve noticed that sometimes, your body rolls like a square wheel. Well guess what?

The best thing about knowing that you have cumulative trauma causing your body to feel physically aged, (issues like injuries, decreased speed, decreased flexibility, decreased recovery), is also knowing that accumulative trauma can be fairly easily reversed!  We do it all the time at Total Outcomes physio Surrey.  Take a minute now to rejoice if you like.

Feel better? Good because we have some work to do.

This post is stretching out so I think I’ll make this a two part’er.  This White Rock physio is going to take a break, but part 2 is coming soon from Total Outcomes Physio Surrey.

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