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More Secrets of Muscular Anti Aging revealed by a White Rock Physio from Total Outcomes Physio Surrey. (Part two)

By admin | white rock physio

Nov 16

e6f2074da5d80fa More Secrets of Muscular Anti Aging revealed by a White Rock Physio from Total Outcomes Physio Surrey. (Part two)I promised you more secrets of muscular Anti Aging would be revealed by a White Rock Physio from Total Outcomes Physio Surrey.  The long anticipated day has arrived and Part two of our series will reveal more secrets of cumulative trauma and functioning great as you age.

I want you to understand that just because certain problems tend to occur with age, it doesn’t mean that they are all [caused] by age. If age really were the cause then there would be no solution for you, but as it is, cumulative trauma (in case you missed part one, this is defined as wear and tear/body dysfunctions accumulated over years of use) is preventable, and reversible!

Here are some examples of disorders truly caused by age … Grey hair, farsightedness, hearing loss.  Here are examples of disorders caused by cumulative trauma, that are correctible … Loss of flexibility, back pain, decrease in drive distance in golf.

If for some crazy reason we choose to let cumulative trauma remain in our physical systems, clogging up the function of our body parts and increasing degenerative stresses (arthritis) to those joints that are working hardest to keep us moving, that’s when we truly “age.” … this means that joints wear out, flexibility and tissue resilience is lost, and we settle into our fate by cutting back our participation in the things that we love.

So if sleeping better, golfing better, swimming better, standing taller, walking younger, returning to soccer, or anything else sounds good to you, how can you make it happen?  Exercise is part of it, but not all of it.  Some things, we can’t change with exercise only.  We tell our clients that change occurs with a combination of exercise, skilled use of the right clinician’s hands, and education of how the body really works.

Or you can let your body age, cut back on your activities every year until the list of things that your body can tolerate would fit on the back of a Surrey Eagles ticket.

Doesn’t sound fun does it? To me, it seems like its worth taking action over. Now where might you find a clinician who has taken mechanical prevention and anti-aging issues, made it their focus, and worked with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of clients in every sport and occupation, and successfully helped them towards achieving greater awesomeness. Hey, I just had a thought, maybe the folks at Total Outcomes Physiotherapy (T.O.P.) have devoted a decade or so to those issues. Why not call them? 604 767 2267

Still reading? Do I have to tell you all about people who’s agility, endurance, vertical jump, shot power, or consistancy improved dramatically? Should I tell you about people reclaiming the golf swing of their youth, or drive accuracy, or their quickness on the court? How about work stamina, positional tolerance, and mobility in low positions? I didn’t think I even need to say it … call Total Outcomes Physiotherapy (T.O.P.) and get it started 604 767 2267.

You can talk to this White Rock physio over the phone for free and see if Total Outcomes physio Surrey can help you with what you need

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