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Resistant Pain

Have you seen Several Clinicians already

for your Pain disorder and still not found a Solution?  That's the exact kind of case that we like.


Interested in Anti-aging,

Avoiding Degeneration, Posture loss or Rotator Cuff issues?  Would you rather avoid disc problems and play golf until you reach 100 years old?


Elite Athletes

Twenty year track record of helping pro or National team athletes in pretty much any sport you can think of.  In fact in all that time, there's barely an elite league or a sport that we haven't built custom solutions for.

Dave, my kids, and the Grey Cup

Developing athletes

Youth and Junior levels

Alex and the Royal Bank Cup

Masters level

Adult solutions for all sports.  Extend your career and see how you can become activity tolerant

World Champions Dianna and Geoff

Performance in Athletes of all ages and abilities


Unique and Effective methods

For Example -- Golf Outcomes:

Rob Houlding PGA Champions tour   Can. PGA Teacher of the year

... Improved flexibility and balance which directly impacted my driving distance and overall scoring.  Distance improved from 271 yard average to a 292 yard average.  I became a full club longer with irons and was in the top 5% for driving distance and accuracy amongst tour players.

Wylie Parks 1stPlace District Qualifier   Remax World Long Drive

My program with Braedan made a huge difference to my turn.  My flexibility increased significantly and chronic pain in both my shoulders was fixed easily.  My average swing speedincreased from 136 to 145 and my fastest swing speed increased from 146 to 162!

Judi Angel         Amateur golfer  

I really enjoyed the program.  I felt stronger and more flexible, but even better, I noticed a huge improvement in my posture.I am now seeing the benefits to my golf.  My swing has improved dramatically, I'm getting more distance and I recently reached my goal of breaking 100.  So its even good for duffers like me.

Ginny Golding  PGA of BC Pro   Vancouver

Students of mine training with Braedan are achieving their goals faster than I could have imagined. 

Sandy        Insurance Broker   Amateur golfer

My ball goes longer and straighter (and I have) way better clubhead speed, even my divot goes 20 yds! 

Alan Steeves  Research Engineer   Amateur Golfer

I can't say enough good stuff.  You've done everything you said you'd do! I gained at least one club of distance -- 8,7,6,5 are all 15 yards further! 

Example -- Other Athlete Outcomes:

Mats Lindgren NHL 1995-2005  Olympian Nagano

My body just wasn't working right. My recovery wouldn't have been possible without Braedan.

Andy Nicol  Ultramarathon    Winner, Record holder  50KM  100 KM

After a few sessions I improved symmetry of my stride, running posture, pace, my legs felt great and easy.  My tempo training runs were the best of the year at the end of the season.  I was surprised by my first place finish n my first 100 K race.  I was shocked by my quick recovery after.

Brent Johnson         BC Lion  CFL       All Star

I see results with every session.  In 3 sessions my 20 yd sprint time went from 2.7 seconds to a consistent 2.61 seconds.  Results are going to speak for themselves.

Example -- Workplace Outcomes:

Ron Corber D.D.S Cert. Specialist Endodontics  

Braedan has virtually eliminated the chronic neck and shoulder pain I have suffered for the last twenty years.  Their treatments are effective and the exercise regimen is easy to follow.  I have to say that my money was well spent and I have no reservations recommending their services

Dr. Gary Guy  D.D.S   Amateur Golfer

I recommend this program for anyone who has postural problems.


During the evaluation the status of my health was discussed and a whole body approach was used.  It was very logical and made sense to me.  After the first session my 2 year old knee problems were gone.  at my next chiropractic visit, he told me that my spine needed the least adjustment he had ever seen in me.  I find the exercises very rejuvenating and I feel energized and have much better posture after doing them

Peter K   Businessman

I have seen dramatic improvement in my posture. I feel better and my exercises are helping me to maintain better fitness. I know how to 'self heal' my aches when they occur, and I have much more energy and ability to recover.

Example Outcome -- Lectures

Dr. William Cheyne  M.D. C.C.F.P.    Dip. Sport Med.

As a Family and Sports Medicine Physician, as well as an avid golfer, I found Braedan's presentation extremely informative.  Braedan clearly has a solid understanding of biomechanics ... his manner of presentation was crystal clear and entertaining.   Our session lasted a little over an hour but I could have listened for several more.


Our Vision:

The Total Outcomes Project has always been about bringing World Class solutions to the local community.  We do this with Clinical Agility.  You see, Total Outcomes is 'Totally' about your Outcomes, just as it is about 'Total and Complete' outcomes.  If it helps you, we'll embrace it.  

Our clinicians combine different 'systems' which might be popular in some sports (but unknown in others).  Or in the case of treatment methodologies, we will use a broad spectrum approach, based on what will get you to your goal.  These outcomes depend on your clinician's willingness to 'Cross-train."  Which is a good thing that we call, Clinical Agility.  That's how we accomplish:

Quick results with Acute or fresh Injuries

Performance through biomechanical change

Outcomes with Resistant Pain disorders

Extending Career or Competitive window

Customized clinical solutions for you.  Have you found a clinician who took the time to really listen to your story and then evaluate just what you need?  We use a fully developed system for new injuries, chronic pain, aging athletes, elite athletes, and developing and younger athletes.

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Our Services  

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  • Then we talk about solutions, and your priorities.  Its important that the plan meets your needs,  Years of practice means that we're good at working with every situation
  • We're not a replacement for your trainer, or your coach.  We do different things.  Whoever's been helping you so far, we will work with them to help you more.

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