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Aug 18

Welcome to my Total Outcomes Physio Surrey blog!

By admin | physio surrey

The place on the internet where we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take the outcomes that we get with our clients, deadly seriously.

This is a place where you can learn all kind of things about getting total outcomes in the areas of pain, prevention, and sport performance.  You see, whether your battles involve pain, prevention, or human performance, it’s winning the fight that it’s all about.  Thats why we are Totally about Total and complete Outcomes.

Luckily, we have a massive background in working with massive winners (… yes we are a little bit over the top about our awesome clients, some of which are featured, with permission, on this blog…).  If however, an informative blog site is not what you are looking for, and you would rather read a more conservative (and I believe more boring) business site, about our local practice for physio in Surrey, you can follow this link to . Of course, staying on this site to find out Continue reading

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Dec 05

Strength Thieves Part 2 – Reciprocal Inhibition Explained, Total Outcomes Physio Surrey Style

By admin | physio surrey

The last Total Outcomes Physio Surrey post introduced you to the idea that although you work hard to build muscle, there can be thieves present in your own body, which steal your strength.  It’s unfair, it’s unjust, and it’s unappealing, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true.  This week we are going to cover the dastardly villain known as reciprocal inhibition.

Before I completely run down the character of reciprocal inhibition, I do need to concede that reciprocal inhibition can also be a force for good and not evil, but we’ll cover that in another post.

d7e16856c34b1fd Strength Thieves Part 2   Reciprocal Inhibition Explained, Total Outcomes Physio Surrey StyleThe evil side of reciprocal inhibition works this way, when you work a muscle through it’s full range of motion, the tightness of muscles on the opposite side of the joint can dial down the strength of the muscle that you are trying to work.  In this case, ‘Reciprocal’ essentially means the muscle on the other side of the one that is worked and ‘inhibition’ refers to dialed down or switched off muscle activity via the nervous system.

So how can this make our lives just a little bit harder?  Mostly by stealing what at Total Outcomes our Surrey physiotherapists call ‘positional strength.’ Did you know that the strength of a muscle changes based on the position that it is in?  Let me ask you another thing, what positions do you need to be strong in to have success with what you do?  Has anyone tested your positional strength or shown you how to regain it?  If your answers are no, then you are in luck, because there are several ways for our physiotherapy clinic methodologies to help you.

Reciprocal inhibition, and other causes of positional weakness can be overcome, but we have to remember that there are thieves at work in our own bodies.  The next Total Outcomes Physio Surrey post will introduce you to yet another involuntary process, in our body, that steals your strength, so until then … Train smart!

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Nov 22

How your Hard Earned Strength can be Dampened by Involuntary Processes in Your Body – Total Outcomes Physio Surrey Sport Physiotherapy series

By admin | sports physiotherapy

It’s a brand new week and Total Outcomes physio Surrey has come up with a brand new life changing question to answer for our sport physiotherapy series.  How can your hard earned strength be dampened by involuntary processes in your body?

I am right about your strength being hard earned aren’t I?  Hours of sweat and effort, followed by days of painful muscle growth, but I know that you were happy to do it.  I also know that you wouldn’t be happy (at all) if your body sneakily turned those muscles off or even dialed them down somewhat.

Does that even happen?  Yes, absolutely!  I gave a lecture this weekend about it for diving BC in the new White Rock Gymnastics and Diving center, which by the way you should really make time to visit.

When your body turns down your muscles, scientists call that inhibition.  Although inhibition is sometimes necessaryContinue reading

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Nov 16

More Secrets of Muscular Anti Aging revealed by a White Rock Physio from Total Outcomes Physio Surrey. (Part two)

By admin | white rock physio

e6f2074da5d80fa More Secrets of Muscular Anti Aging revealed by a White Rock Physio from Total Outcomes Physio Surrey. (Part two)I promised you more secrets of muscular Anti Aging would be revealed by a White Rock Physio from Total Outcomes Physio Surrey.  The long anticipated day has arrived and Part two of our series will reveal more secrets of cumulative trauma and functioning great as you age.

I want you to understand that just because certain problems tend to occur with age, it doesn’t mean that they are all [caused] by age. If age really were the cause then there would be no solution for you, but as it is, cumulative trauma (in case you missed part one, this is defined as wear and tear/body dysfunctions accumulated over years of use) is preventable, and reversible!

Here are some examples of disorders truly caused by age … Grey hair, farsightedness, hearing loss.  Here are examples of disorders caused by cumulative trauma, that are correctible … Loss of flexibility, back pain, decrease in drive distance in golf.

If for some crazy reason we choose to let cumulative trauma remain in our physical systems, clogging up the function of our body parts and increasing degenerative stresses (arthritis) to those joints that are working hardest to keep us moving, that’s when we truly “age.” … this means that joints wear out, flexibility and tissue resilience is lost, and we settle into our fate by cutting back our participation in the things that we love.Continue reading

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Nov 07

Secrets of Muscular Anti Aging revealed by a White Rock Physio from Total Outcomes Physio Surrey

By admin | white rock physio

I am a White Rock physio from Total Outcomes physio Surrey and I used to be a better athlete than I am today … But …

Let me make one thing clear, I want to perform well until I’m 100.

Who wouldn’t right? Frequently when we think of anti-aging, we think of avoidance of disease, health food store supplements, and gruesome plastic surgery “procedures.” Well … that’s not how we see it at Total Outcomes Physiotherapy in Surrey.

We believe that optimal function rules the day, in other words, she who moves best… wins. When our clinicians look at someone who’s body has weathered more than a few seasons, we see pure potential.  You see, with what we know about reversing aging of the body parts, we see the opportunity for the veteran athlete or retired athlete to perform better than they have in years.Continue reading

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Oct 27

A White Rock Physio gives an example of How Total Outcomes Physio Surrey Prevention Programs can help – Part2

By admin | white rock physio

This is part two of the Total Outcomes physio Surrey post on prevention, written by a local White Rock physio who is more than eager to share what he has learned about keeping people’s bodies healthy.  Ready to learn?  First you may want to read part one of this topic, which contains the theory.  This post is more of an illustration.

I’ve already mentioned in other places on this website that I work with a lot of Junior hockey players (for the non- Canadians reading this, Junior hockey leagues are where the elite players play when they are still a bit young for pro or college leagues). Let me tell you a prevention story about two brothers who both played Junior.

The older one, who we’ll call Sam (even though that wasn’t his name) completed a successful year of Junior hockey before he decided to retire from the sport and take on a role in the family business. Sam spent his summer preparing for that next phase of his working life. His brother Dean, was still determined to make a big splash in the hockey world and trained his body all summer to get strong, fast, and tough so he could crush his opponents in Junior hockey.Continue reading

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Oct 19

A White Rock Physio reveals How to Reduce Damage when Life is Hard Work but you Just Can’t Stop — The T.O.P physio Surrey Approach

By admin | white rock physio

Let this White Rock physio explain how Total Outcomes Preparation came up with a home grown physio Surrey solution that can decrease your body stresses without decreasing your participation.

Do you ever look at what you ask your body to do for you and wonder how long it can keep it up? I think many people do.

97b18d018d60815 A White Rock Physio reveals How to Reduce Damage when Life is Hard Work but you Just Cant Stop    The T.O.P physio Surrey ApproachDo you think a baseball pitcher ever wonders how long until their arm gives out? Or a carpenter wonders how long until his back gives out? Or a dentist wonders how long until his neck or upper back gives out? I think that most of them do.

Do you think that experienced hockey coaches worry about the health of their player’s groins? Or golf teaching pros worry about their student’s low backs? Or football coaches their player’s knees? Yes they do… there is a wealth of data about what body parts break down in each and every sport or lifestyle.

The risks are well known, but sadly, very few people are doing anything to prevent these problems before they occur, and fewer still are doing a complete program to prevent these problems, unless they’ve been exposed to Total Outcomes Prevention (T.O.P) at Physio Surrey.Continue reading

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Oct 11

Going deeper into Total Outcomes Physio Surrey Pain Solutions – Part 3

By admin | physio surrey

The last Total Outcomes Physio Surrey articles on  pain solutions were well received by readers.  There seemed to be some interest in me clarifying the concepts of mechanical environment, clinical agility, and kinetic chains, with some real life examples.

Let’s start with mechanical environment.  So many times the symptom generating body part is accused of being the cause.  This is not always the case.  Sometimes that is as ridiculous as blaming the sick fish who is living in a polluted lake.  You can treat the fish but if you don’t change the lake, how well will that work out?

Maybe an example of how an athlete’s body imbalances can affect them would help to clarify the importance of the mechanical environment of your own body.Continue reading

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Oct 04

A White Rock Physio’s View on Insideous Pain -Total Outcomes Physio Surrey Part 2

By admin | white rock physio

Last post dealt with a White Rock physio’s views on what do do if you’ve developed a pain issue, brought to you by the friendly folks at Total Outcomes physio Surrey on 152 St. and 28th Avenue, near the Soccer West Store.  We were discussing how you should think through the decisions that come along early in the process of recovery

Last entry, we discussed what to do if you had an “ouch” moment, which most people would just call an injury.  Sometimes however, the pain occurs, yet there is really no “ouch” moment to regret.  Instead, the pain just sorta arrived all on it’s own.  In medicine, we call this insidious (when the pain just creeps into being).

3d7d2bfdb78cb99 A White Rock Physios View on Insideous Pain  Total Outcomes Physio Surrey Part 2

Now what about insidious pain? Isn’t it frustrating!

No clear reason for it and no clear path to get it better? That’s the common logic, but I have good news for you.  That’s notContinue reading

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Sep 29

Got a new injury you want gone? A White Rock physio says Total Outcomes physio Surrey can Help

By admin | physio surrey , white rock physio

If you just injured yourself, or if your child suffered a sports injury, you are probably asking yourself if there is a White Rock physio who’s style of practice might help to speed your recovery.  I’ll give you the Total Outcomes physio Surrey perspective.

Let me start to help you by talking you through a few basic principles.  The first thing that you need to understand is how to think through the early phases of injury.  You need to know what you can do to helps, versus what is only possible on Star Trek.

My first question for you is this:

Was there trauma? Or, was there a bonafide overuse? If you didn’t have an “ouch” moment (that you are currently regretting), then weContinue reading

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